Its amazing that when you get busy shooting all the time you find that your computer starts to get filled up with finally said to myself; "Thats it!!! I really need to go through this computer and get rid of the junk I dont need on here"

The lovely joys of digital days were so easy! I used to love taking my films down to the lab, and saying to the guys, "see you in a few days" No downloading, no backing up, no colour correcting......arrrr, the beauty of film!

How many times do you find yourself creating some random folder.....And saying to yourself "I will get back to it in a day or so".....YER RIGHT! Never happens! (Well at least for me it doesnt)

So, I finally cleaned out my old PC....and came across these shots that I thought I would share
with you......

Gosh I wish I had a automatic robot to blog for me......


Top & bottom....Some of my favourites